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Choosing a safe

An expert locksmith reveals:
How to choose a safe that’s right for you
Don’t be duped when buying a safe. Let a top-notch “safe cracker” show you how to purchase a safe that delivers on quality and value

As a "safe cracker" and locksmith, I have opened everything from lock boxes for little old ladies to monster safes in commercial businesses when they forgot the combination.

Hey there, my name is Sam and my experience in the industry has taught me that most people have no idea what kind of safe they own or want to purchase ... or if it even meets their needs. Worse ... they never had the opportunity to talk with an expert who will steer them in the right direction. PROBLEM SOLVED ... with Value Safes! Now you’ll have an opportunity to “see what Sam says” ... and be sure that you’ll get the right safe for you or use Sam's notes, personally written by me. The problem with safes In my experience, I have seen numerous safes advertised as “burglary resistant” – that were worthless pieces of plastic ! I KNOW which safes are most effective ... which ones will deliver on the promises they make ... and which to steer clear of. That’s why I’ve built Value Safes around one concept: Offering our customers the BEST VALUE for your money when buying a safe. I have gathered together a selection of safes that I have found to be the best value in the industry – and offer them at prices so fantastic that customers often call just to say, “Thank You”!

Even if you know very little – or nothing – about safes, I can help you decide which type of safe is right for you ... and get you the best deal for your dollar.

At Value Safes, we’re not interested in just making a sale ... we are concerned with making sure that you, as our customer, have the easiest, most satisfying experience possible.

Anybody can make a sale. But if we sell you a $2,000 monster safe – when a $200 wall safe would have done the trick – we haven’t done our job ... and you won’t be happy. Which means I won’t be happy.

We want you to be so satisfied, you’ll refer us to other family members, friends and neighbors. In fact, you’ll see ... we reward you when one of your referrals results in a sale


Know what you want already? Great! Choose from our wide variety of safes. You’ll have more than 100 models to choose from.

Ordering is secure, fast and easy. We use for your protection ... and we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover/Novus.

And remember ... SHIPPING IS ALWAYS FREE on EVERY SAFE ... to any location within the United States!


Never bought a safe before? Not sure which one is best ... or which is the right one for your needs? WE CAN HELP!

To make it easy on you, we offer two ways for you to contact us ...

  • Call us TOLL FREE at (877) 629-6214. This is the BEST option, since it saves you time and effort since we have to ask several questions to determine the purpose of your safe and what you expect it to accomplish.

  • Even though we’d rather speak to you in person, you can email us at
Don’t expect a member of our “sales staff” to answer your call. We don’t have a sales staff. It has been my experience that salespeople too often concentrate on on making the sale rather than on listening to – and satisfying – the needs of a customer.

Ask a question ... and you’ll get a straight, no-nonsense answer from one of our qualified security consultants. who will give you the information you need – without the sales pitch.