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  • Double protected from heat and moisture
  • 1-2 hour 125 degree fireproof
  • (2) 6 number digital lock
  • Solid steel chrome plated
Data Safes: Imagine loosing all your computers and information to a fire. Where are you keeping the backup's? Hopefully in one of these. Data safes are the only ones recogmended for keeping diskets, tapes, or CD's in safe storage. Any temperature above 125 degrees ruins electronic data items. So you can rest comfortably with those important records stored here. These offer the most fire protection we sell and at a price you can't beat!
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Hollon Data & Media Safe
Honeywell 2040 Media Safe
Our Price: $240.00
List Price: $630.50
Our Price: $485.00
Savings: $145.50
Hollon HDS-750E
List Price: $1,250.00
Our Price: $834.00
Savings: $416.00
Hollon HDS-1000E
List Price: $2,544.00
Our Price: $1,374.00
Savings: $1,170.00