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Discount Gun Safes : This is a selection of entry level imported gun safes. They are very good quality and decent fire protection. As well as being a good value overall for the entry level safes category. Thus the reason I call them "Discount Gun Safes". I would rank the safes we carry as Discount Gun Safes being in the "good" for quality. The Diamond Back Gun Safes I would rate as "Better". While the Amsec Gun Safes in the BF series I would rate as "Best". All are covered by factory warranty and offer excellent protection for their category or I wouldn't sell these models. So rest assured you are getting a good value no matter which model you choose.
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Sentry G0135 Gun Safe
Amsec IRC412 Burglary Safe
Our Price: $199.00
Sentry G0135
Our Price: $310.00
Our Price: $825.00
Sentry EQ5433
Our Price: $989.00
Amsec TF5924ES
Our Price: $1,025.00
Amsec TF6032
Our Price: $1,665.00