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  • S & G Group II Combination Lock or dual key safe deposit lock
  • Drill resistant hard plate (no hard plate on key models
  • Active relocker
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • 1/2 inch steel door
  • Solid steel locking bolts
Note: DS models secured by lock bolt only - No hard plate on key models These safes are fantastic for any business that deals with cash and employees. A drop safe is normally considered the smaller of the depository safes on this page and cost in range of up to $300. I don't advise storing cash in these over night. The larger models over the price of $300 are considered a true Depository Safe and are best at holding money overnight.

All of our depository safes are B-rated, come with a drill resistant hard plate and anti-fish baffle ( these look like shark teeth!). For maximum security the “shark teeth” keep your cash safe from thieves trying to use a coat hanger or screw driver to “fish out” your money. (Drop safes also have anti-fish baffle BUT they don't have hard plate).

No drop safe or depository safe in the industry is fire proof due to the drop slot opening for the cash deposits. I know this is a disappointing fact but a drop safe is for maximum theft prevention.
When the drop system is used correctly a drop safe helps protect your money and your employees and keeps you with peace of mind.

Have you experinced "lost money"? Shortage on deposits? Did you know that many business owners and managers wait until they have been ripped off before investing in a drop safe? Don’t be one of the ones that has to learn the hard way! Take a look at one or two of the videos we have on this page to get a better understanding of how a depository safe is made and what to look for so that you can better protect your business. Feel free to call and talk with any of us here at Value Safes.

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List Price: $149.00
Our Price: $84.00
Savings: $65.00

List Price: $149.00
Our Price: $92.00
Savings: $57.00

Protex SDB-100
Our Price: $99.99

Protex SDB-101
Our Price: $103.00

Protex SDB-200
Our Price: $105.00

Protex SDB-104
Our Price: $107.00

Protex SDB-106
Our Price: $117.00

List Price: $200.00
Our Price: $150.00
Savings: $50.00

Hollon HDS-02K
List Price: $284.00
Our Price: $156.00
Savings: $128.00

Hollon HDS-03K
List Price: $275.00
Our Price: $174.00
Savings: $101.00