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Hollon Home Safes Are Now 2 Hour Fireproof: Hollon Safes introduced these safes several years ago and I love them. They are still small in size and easy to take home and bolt down. Plus the price is much less than competing brands 1 hour fire rated safes. This makes it a “No Brainer” for me. This is “THE” most preferred home safe by our customers and we sell 10 of these for every 1 hour fire rated of other brands. The door thickness is double the size of other brands along with the body. You will also want to notice that the keypad is CE rated. This is just like the rating that you will have on your computers at the office. I have been selling 100’s of these every year and I can count the number of problems we have had with these on one hand. Easy access to the battery panel on the outside of safe allows you to change the AA size batteries when they go dead. This eliminates the need for the over ride key which makes a safe more vulnerable to having it’s lock picked. The CE rated keypad also has a “Non Volatile Memory”. Which means the code is kept on a chip so when the battery goes dead the code does NOT go back to a factory rated code. All that makes it more like a commercial rated safe in quality and durability. But designed for the home. Features: Home Safe includes bolt down hole with bolt down hardware for security against theft. Seamless body construction for longevity of the fireproof core. Dial combination or electronic keypad for easy opening. Personally, I find the keypad worth the few extra dollars. Its just so easy to use and change the combination on whenever you need to. Hollon Safes, Standing The Test of Time
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Hollon HS-310E Fireproof Safe
Hollon HS-310D Fireproof Safe
List Price: $442.00
Our Price: $243.00
Savings: $199.00
Hollon HS-360D Fire Proof Safe
List Price: $400.00
Our Price: $279.00
Savings: $121.00
List Price: $510.00
Our Price: $280.00
Savings: $230.00
HS-360E Fire Proof Safe
Hollon HS-500D Fire Safe for Sale
List Price: $375.00
Our Price: $288.00
Savings: $87.00
Hollon HS-360E
List Price: $596.00
Our Price: $324.00
Savings: $272.00
Hollon HS-500E
List Price: $604.00
Our Price: $324.00
Savings: $280.00
Hollon HS-610E Safe
Hollon HS-610E Safe
List Price: $932.00
Our Price: $521.00
Savings: $411.00