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  • 2-Hour Fireproof Class 350 rating with up to 1800 degrees
  • CE Digital lock with "LockOut" technology has a time delay feature is activated if the wrong number is entered more than 3 times. Resets after 10 minutes for correct code entry.
  • High security Group I lock. (much more secure than a dial)
  • Keypad has 8-bit micro processor chip with NON-Volitale memory.(maintains customer code even without batteries)
  • Combination Code can program with 4-16 digits. (more code options & )
    Key locking drawer with all models but the 610E.
  • Bolt Down Hardware on most models.
    Impact Rated to 30 feet! (you can drop the safe from a 3rd story office and hit concrete and still stay locked)
2 Hour Fireproof Office Safes: An excellant value for home or office at a HUGE discounted price! These safes are rated for 2 hours. Hollon's Office Safe series are designed to be used when a 1 hour home safe is not enough but a Fire & Burglary Safe is more than what is needed. These Fire Safes protect valuables from the effects of a fire or extreme heat. Keep your passport, birth certificate, deeds, insurance information or any other important documents and valuables safe and secure, should the unthinkable happen. We are also including a Free High Security Group I Electronic Keypad on every model. This keypad is more secure than any Group II dial lock on the market today. This is an extra $125 value. You will be able you to set the combination easily. Free Shipping!
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Hollon HS-610E Safe Hollon HS-750E Keypad Safe
Hollon HS-610E Safe
List Price: $932.00
Our Price: $521.00
Savings: $411.00
Hollon HS-750E Safe
List Price: $828.00
Our Price: $679.00
Savings: $149.00
List Price: $1,170.00
Our Price: $801.00
Savings: $369.00
List Price: $1,399.00
Our Price: $1,023.00
Savings: $376.00
List Price: $2,410.00
Our Price: $1,299.00
Savings: $1,111.00
List Price: $2,718.00
Our Price: $1,510.00
Savings: $1,208.00
List Price: $3,476.00
Our Price: $1,886.00
Savings: $1,590.00
Our Price: $2,999.00
List Price: $5,468.00
Our Price: $3,061.00
Savings: $2,407.00