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Mutual Gun Safe The two layers of sheet-rock-like material and the U.L. approved heat-activated fire door seal provide enough ammunition to fend off fires. The Mutual Gun Safe is lab tested at 1760 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes.

The Mutual Gun Safe is also equipped with a full arsenal of anti-burglary features. The locking bolts are a massive one inch in diameter. There are at least four dead bolts facing the hinge
side, one active bolt at the top, and at least four active bolts along the closing side. The lock is protected from punch-out attempts by a Manganese (HRC 60 hardness) hardplate and and by a spring-loaded relocker. There are two bolt-down holes predrilled at the bottom of the safe that accommodate standard 1/2" bolts to keep the safe where it is meant to stay.

  • 5 inch thick door lined with U.L. approved fire activated door seal
  • Lock area protected by Drill Resistant Manganese hardplate (HRC 60 hardness)
    and spring loaded relocker
  • Semi Gloss Black Body with fully lined Tan Interior
  • Two bolt down holes predrilled at the bottom
  • Brass plated handle and lock
  • Comes with UL Listed Dial Lock
  • 1-hr. fireproof 1" diameter solid door bolts with Full Door Wrap Around Security.
  • 10 Gauge Steel

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Mutual MS-5922 Gun Safe
Mutual MS-5922 Safe
List Price: $1,699.00
Our Price: $699.00
Savings: $1,000.00
List Price: $1,699.00
Our Price: $995.00
Savings: $704.00
Our Price: $999.00
List Price: $2,590.00
Our Price: $1,199.00
Savings: $1,391.00
List Price: $3,198.00
Our Price: $1,790.88
Savings: $1,407.12

The Mutual Gun Safe is not afraid to show off its good looks. Charcoal Black as your color, the brass pin striping, lock, and handle beautifully complements the semi-gloss paint finish.

The interior and the shelves are fully carpeted. All shelves are strong and adjustable, and you can choose between two shelving options. The 4-Shelfer interior consists of four full-width shelves that accommodate documents and valuables. The Gun Racking interior consists of one full shelf at the top,
a removable center divider that spans from the bottom to the gun racking shelf, a gun racking shelf with slots for up to twenty long guns, and three removable side shelves that come in handy for pistols and ammunition. The Gun Racking interior can be converted to the All Guns interior by removing the side shelves.

A Couple of Observations:

Shopping for gun safes on the internet is difficult. If you are like me you would like to touch and feel the safe itself before you purchase. I have a habit with all safes of tapping my wedding ring against the door and the top and listening to clink sound. Something about that sounds lets me know the know about the steel, the insulation, and general quality. When it comes to gun safes the quality is very important to me. One item I like to point out is the thickness in the steel. I, as well as the gun safe industry, like gun safes made with a minimum of 10 guage steel. Anything thinner than that such as 12 gauge, 14 gauge or even less (when it comes steel gauges, the bigger the number the thinner the steel thickness...not sure why that is but it is) wil have a problem standing up against a crow bar attack. Though the number of bolts and the thickness of bolts is important. It will not matter if the steel is too thin and allows the bolt to slip from the door frame while being crow barred open. I have seen some safes where the bolt has not even bent. But the side wall just bowed out and allowed the door to be opened on cheaper gun safes.