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Sargent Greenleaf Combo Dial Instructions
Below are the instructions on how to dial open a Sargent & Greenleaf lock. I am including these below on our website because it is not uncommon to forget how to dial the lock. Remember, this is something new and will become as an old habit once you have it down. Try and practice at least 5 times the first day you get the safe. Then at least a couple of times a day for the next several days. I have noticed that in the morning my biggest problem is I drink too much coffee. Causing me to be impatient and jittery. So after I dial it wrong a couple of times, I have to tell myself to calm down and focus. So I also pass this along to you in hopes it makes it easier for you to gain access.

One last item, write down the combination of your safe some- place hidden. I write mine on the back of a picture in my office this way you can go to it if you forget it. It also appears as a random group of numbers with no other info saying what it is. Don't lock it in the safe!

Instructional Video
Operating Instructions for the Sargent & Greenleaf 6600/6700 series three number combination lock

Important: Turn dial slowly and evenly. Do not turn back to regain alignment if you rotate past number. If an error is made, re-dial entire combination. Do not count turns. Count how many times each number is aligned with the opening index (at the 12 o'clock position). Always view the dial and ring straight on, not at an angle. To Open: (Refer to Figure A)
  • Step 1: Turn dial left, aligning first number with the opening index the fourth time it comes to the index.

  • Step 2: Turn dial right, aligning second number with the opening index the third time it comes to the index.

  • Step 3: Turn dial left, aligning third number with the opening index the second time it comes to the index.

  • Step 4: Turn dial right until dial comes to a complete stop.

  • Step 5: To relock and secure the combination lock, turn the dial to the left at least four revolutions.

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