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  • Composite Construction - 5" Thick Door - 2" Thick Body
  • 1 1/2 Hour Manufacturer Fire Label
  • 2" Bolts
  • Full Length hinge side locking bar
  • Dual Re-locks
  • Drill resistive hard plate
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Mounting holes provided
TL-15 Safes: These are popular Jewelry Safes or Vaults as some like to call them. Mainly used in jewelry stores, check cashing, pawn shops, or collectors of very expensive items. I love them....but I hate to move them. If you need help let me know and we can arrange for setup. These TL 15 Safes are UL listed for both Fireproof Safe rating and Burglary. These are also insurance rated and come with 2 predrilled holes for easy bolting down to the floor. It is important to notify your insurance company if you purchase a TL15 or TL30. Because they may give you a discount on your home owners content insurance.

If you still need something stronger check out the TL-30 Safe on page 5 in this section of High Security Safes .

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