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Safe Review and Comparison of Safes


When it comes to the companies we sell on our site we are very particular.  Hollon Safes is a new supplier for us.  I get many people inquiring about “Who is Hollon Safes”?  What kind of products do they sell and what is the quality?  And how does that compare with other brands like Cobalt, Gardall, Amsec, Protex, Sentry and others?

Well, if I could set them side by side and give a ranking.  I would put Sentry at the bottom of the list. Then goes Protex, Amsec, Cobalt, Gardall, and then Hollon as the top ranking.  Now with that said, please relise this is just an opinion.  But I will take it a step further and prove it to you.  Lets take the models Cobalt SB-01c, Gardall FB1212 and compare them to the Hollon HS-450.

First you will notice the Cobalt and Gardall Safes models are actually the same model from the same factory in South Korea called “Eagle Safes” feel free to check them out and you will notice only the paint color is different on these two models. 

However, Gardall Safes calls this model a UL listed 1 hour Fireproof Safe.  Cobalt calls it a 2 Hour Fire & Burglary Safe.  Hmmm, very intresting.  The manufacturer Eagle Safes, calls it UL listed 1 hour fireproof safe or a KSG 4500 1 hour.  But NOT a two hour fireproof.  But Cobalt Safes calls it a two hour fireproof, go figure…. The Hollon Safe model is a two hour fireproof KIS rated safe and built similar to those two models.  However, the HS-450 has a 3 inch thick body compared to the 2 inch thick body of the Cobalt/Gardall model.  All three models use a concrete based fireproof insulation so you do get a steel wall supported by a concrete wall that is reinforced with an interior steel wall.

Size of the Cobalt/Gardall safe is 1 cubic foot where the size of the HS-450 is 1.25 cubic feet.  So you get 25% larger safe with 30% thicker defense barrier against fire and attacks.  All the models use a state of the art “glass relocker”.  However, the Cobalt/Gardall Safe comes with an old fashion group 2 dial.  While Hollon Safe uses a group 1 keypad that is more anti-theft resistant with lock out mode after 5 false entries.  Oh, you can get the keypad upgrade on the Cobalt/Gardall but its gonna cost you $125 and up for it.

All three safes can be bolted to your foundation and should be bolted for maximum protection.  When we start comparing prices the Cobalt Safe can be found for around $628 on discounted websites. The same Gardall can be found for $789. at similar discounted sites with the Hollon Safe on our website at

Hollon Safe sells many catagories of Safes so it is best to compare catagories with like catagories.  Lets take the 1 hour fireproof home safes first.

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