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Safes Review I

Safes Review

I get calls everyday regarding Safes and which one is best.  Questions like is Gardall better or Hollon Safes. Should I buy a Mutual or a Winchester.  Whats your opinion on Protex safes?  “I have bought three Sentry Safes and doors all fall off!” (Well quit buying Sentry)  All good and questions and thoughts to consider.

Brands of Safes: When it comes to brands almost all the manufactures make good quality safes “For the niche” they are trying to service.  Sentry Safes have a poor reputation in the industry.  But in my opinion, I have found that people go and buy a Sentry Safe and expect it to be a bank vault…. Its not.  But it is a affordable quality “fire box” to keep your stuff from burning.  It really is not going to stop a thief with a really good fork or spoon from breaking into it.  Its plastic!  You can even watch videos on Youtube.com that show how to break into a Sentry Safes.  Please don’t think I am picking on Sentry alone.  You can also purchase a low end fireproof safe from Gardall or Cobalt.  But it is just a fireproof safe.  Its not going to keep out a thief.  Though on an upside at least the low ends from Gardall, Cobalt, and others are made with steel so it does keep off the sticky fingers.

So what we see from the brands is that most manufacturers make a safe that is a low end price point model, medium price points, and high end models. You will find this true with many of the manufactures of gun safes.  I like Cannon and went to the Academy Sports store the other day and wanted to check out the models on display.  Well, the models on display are not the models you would find for sale in a gun shop or locksmith shop.  These were horrible! I could knock on the sides and tell there was no insulation or hardly any next to the steel.  And since when does a 1/4 inch of sheet rock stop fire or heat?!?! This was also called 30 minute fire rated.  (I know this because it was falling off on the inside…how about that lifetime warranty) So I have to conclude that Cannon makes some very good quality gun safes and some real losers.  On a real positive note the staff was very helpfull and they had a really good quality Browning gun safe that I would not have minded owning. Fire rated for 45 minutes and you could knock on the body and tell it was what it said it was good quality and well insulated.  It didn’t have the inside power outlet but why would you want one? It only introduces a source of fire to the inside of the safe…seems stupid to me…yes, I know about plugging in dehumidifier rods.  But you don’t need one if the safe is being kept inside your house.

Safes: Sold under the name Amsec are very good quality. Insulation is what it says it is and made with solid materials. I give them a solid thumbs up.  The negatives on the gun safes are the bolts.  Amsec just doesn’t seem to use very many which does make me raise an eyebrow.  They also push the “American” Security name quite a bit.  Though the safes may have been made in the USA at one time, I have personally seen them rolling off assembly lines just south of Shanghai. (really I have, this one factory makes them for many brands) So I don’t like being mislead that they are “Made in the USA”. Though I have noticed in the last several years they have eliminated that tag line from product pages.  They do still make some of thier safes here too, just the high end models though.  Also they do some finish work on some models here like the BF series gun safe. That’s good model and you certainly get the quality and value from that.

Safes Review I have been writing about and will continue to write. If there is a model that you want me to focus on please email me or make a blog entry and we can go over individual models.

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