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Does my safe need a relocker?
My wife and I took a trip to London several years ago and one of the sites we went to see was the Tower of London. We were given a tour by one of the royal guards, a "Beefeater." (Not sure why they call him that.) But he started our tour at the castle wall and gate. When they would fall under attack the people would rush into the castle for protection and close the castle gate and bolt it with a huge wooden bolt.

Our tour guide explained how the walls were built and how thick they were. Where the knights would position themselves inside the wall to protect the castle when under siege. He also explained that if the invading army made it to the gate with a battering ram that the men inside would rush down with wooden supports and blocks to add reinforcement to the gate. They even go so far as to throw their own bodies against the gate to add reinforcement to keep the gate from being breached.

That's what a relocker locker does. It adds reinforcement to the safe door when under attack.

It's a small bolt within the safe door normally located behind the fireproofing and in the high security area of the lock. (It's not one of the large locking bolts of the door that you can see.) Once the safe is under attack by drill, hammers, crow bars or what ever is available. The impact of these tools on the safe can fire the spring loaded re-locking bolt thus adding reinforcement to the bolts in the door to keep them from being breached. Note that once a relocker is fired you will have to contact an ALOA member locksmith to gain access for you. Just dialing to combination will NOT get you into the safe. Which brings me to a glass relocker.

A glass relocker is more sensitive to impacts from a crow bar or sledge hammer smashing this glass part of the safe. This is why you normally see glass relockers in higher end safes. For those of you that purchase one of these safes there is a small cotter pin that must be removed once the safe is in place.(this is only in with safes with a glass relocker) It's import to remember to save the cotter pin by taping it to the inside of the door so that you may reapply it when you move the safe. Your safe will come with instructions on how to remove and apply the cotter pin. You will often hear me say "time against theft and fire" on our website. Once the relocker has fired the thief will have to spend more time to gain access to the safe. Time is not a luxury that a thief has when he is robbing.

At this point it is important to point our that most Home Safes, residential safes, Sentry Safes, small metal boxes or safes, fireproof home safes, and most inexpensive models don't have a relocker. If you are not sure if the model you are looking at has a relocker please call us.

High security safes, 2 hour fireproof safes, office safes, gun safes (such as Cannon, Diamond Back, Honeywell, and American Security) , any safe with a group ll lock like a depository or floor safe, safes with Sargent & Greenleaf locks, safes with LaGard electronic keypads, and Fireking safes all have relockers.

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